14AA39C3-9F9B-4A44-BC46-362002950287.JPG A88F3175-3C7F-4B83-A8C2-86F74A066205.jpg

Sierra Stick Earring

from 54.40
Solstice Earring A36928BC-07E2-4560-AE14-B7ED590AADF5.jpeg

Solstice Earring

from 54.00
E44ADE6F-F4F2-49A1-964A-2084DED4E836.jpeg 5BD393B0-3EE6-4445-85EB-1DAD3A385F21.jpeg

Nevada at Night

from 158.00
F44B821D-A0F7-4FB9-B677-D4AE1C5E0FDD.jpg D354DA2E-7703-49EE-A4CA-04F78BE485D4.jpeg

Mojave's Paintbrush

from 60.00
0610ABB5-88B5-4B7E-85B7-EA49C9DE8CFF.jpeg C0F775BC-E153-4EB5-B2E9-51CA1F05D9A4.jpeg

Santa Fe Sunrise Earrings

from 158.00
Mini Nevada at Night 9FC9FEE6-F6AF-49E2-AF95-2838C1AB93AC.jpeg

Mini Nevada at Night

from 60.00
Golden Hour Earrings

Golden Hour Earrings

from 74.00
BB_1a.jpg IMG_5129.JPG

Earth Earrings

from 54.40

'turquoise crescent moon' earrings

from 78.00
Bela-111.jpg Bela-113.jpg

'hammered teardrop' earrings

from 44.00
ktp-165.jpg UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_8704.jpg

'hammered classic hoop' earring

from 44.00
Bela-104.jpg Bela-101.jpg

'hammered arrow' earrings

from 44.00
27503633_1997652033892111_3283728873916355776_o.jpg holiday herkimer stud.jpg

'herkimer diamond wrap stud' earrings

from 50.00
'wrapped mossy quartz stud' earrings UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_8666.jpg

'wrapped mossy quartz stud' earrings

from 42.00
IMG_7598.JPG moon collection.JPG

Crescent Moon post earrings

the 'arizona' earring GoldTurqEarrings1.png

the 'arizona' earring

from 78.00
IMG_0579.JPG UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_8711.jpg

'pebbled river path' earrings

from 75.00
Bela-136.jpg Bela-135.jpg

Raw Emerald Arrow Earrings

from 80.00

the 'meadow' hammered earrings

from 74.00
'boho stick' earrings

'boho stick' earrings

from 54.00
Bela-11.jpg Bela-10.jpg

Sunburst Earrings

from 102.00
the 'bohemian glam stick' earrings

the 'bohemian glam stick' earrings

from 75.00

'boho labradorite stick' earrings

from 64.00
'mountain path' earrings holiday mountain path detail.jpg

'mountain path' earrings

from 75.00
'mossy quartz hammered hoop' earrings holiday mossy quartz hoop 2.jpg

'mossy quartz hammered hoop' earrings

from 70.00
'full moon' hammered earrings UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_86a6.jpg

'full moon' hammered earrings

from 52.00
'starry nite' teardrop earrings holiday starry nite 2.jpg

'starry nite' teardrop earrings

from 74.00
petite hammered Teardrop earring

petite hammered Teardrop earring

from 35.00
Larimar Hoop Earrings 6178740960_IMG_5513.JPG
sold out

Larimar Hoop Earrings

from 54.00
holiday double herkimer stud drop.jpg holiday double herk drop.jpg

'double herkimer diamond drop' earrings

from 66.00
'chrysoprase + labradorite teardrop' earrings holiday hammered teardrop + lab + chrys 2.jpg

'chrysoprase + labradorite teardrop' earrings

from 76.00
_MG_8690.jpg _MG_8691.jpg

'crystal point drop' earrings

from 46.00
_MG_9636.jpg 27.JPG

'double quartz hoop' earring

from 62.00
IMG_0369.jpg IMG_0371.jpg

'hammered point' earrings