hiking the camino de santiago in pamplona, spain

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails.  Explore. Dream. Discover.”  - Mark Twain

Bethany is the artist, designer, maker and owner behind Bela Co.  She was born into the Appalachian mountainside of eastern Tennessee, and later immersed in the vibrant culture of Asheville, North Carolina before finding her way to Nashville. Her art is an organic reflection of the mountainous landscapes from which she came, heavily influenced by nature, earth tones, the beach and ocean, the southwest and countless other wonders this incredible world creates.  She is a walking wanderlust, having spent years exploring the world at each opportunity given.   Although she studied art, design and fashion in college, the courage to "be an artist" seemed unrealistic upon entering "the real world."  After a decade of feeling like a round peg trying to fit into a square hole, in 2015, Bethany finally took her vision, studies, travels, ethos and experience and cultivated it into a single leap-of-faith that is now Bela Co.

The beginning was a humble one.  Tucked into the attic, the only space available in their tiny East Nashville cottage, Bethany set up a makeshift shop and... started MAKING!  She was terrified of failure, of putting her heart and soul out into the world and of the simple fact that there would no longer be a salaried paycheck showing up in the bank account every other Friday.  Some days were highs and some days were lows.  Some days are still highs... creating a new design that is inspired and satisfying... and some days are still lows... a vision not quite developing as intended or how overwhelming it can be to keep a thumb on every aspect of moving a business forward.  

Bela Co is rounding the four year corner; in looking back on the launch of the website, successful shows and festivals, magazine and media press, wholesale accounts, the growing support from YOU GUYS and the continued encouragement from family and friends... Bela Co is reeling and hopeful about what the future can bring!

Purchasing a piece of Bela Co jewelry or ceramic art is an investment in quality.  If you know Bethany, at some point or another you've likely heard one of her quips... "quality over quantity" or "form must follow function" or maybe "waste not want not."  Cliche? Maybe... True? Absolutely.  Bela Co stands firm on the idea that your jewelry will last for years and your ceramic piece will hopefully be passed down to your child.  Quality IS more important than quantity.  Each piece is created with care, precision and a perfectionist's eye.  The materials used have been tried and tested.  

Lastly, Bela Co want's to express a world of gratitude to you, the customer, for seeking unique and artful design. Thank you for supporting the entire artist community and for passing your experience and Bela Co finds along to your friends and family!  Take a moment, if you will, and follow Bela Co on Instagram @belajewelryco, Facebook and Pinterest at Bela Co, and Twitter @belabegonias 

Peace, Love + Happiness