Bela Co Tag Necklace

Bela Co Tag Necklace

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the Bela Co Tag Necklace collection is an inspired collection of everyday jewelry; each tag holds a special meaning.  

As with all Bela Co jewelry, the Tag necklaces are constructed with quality materials to ensure they will last through surf and sand, a summer in Europe, or anything else life throws your way (including day-to-day activities like showering, sleep and working out!).  They are the perfect length for layering so you never have to take your Bela Co Tag off!  

Which necklace do you connect with?!  Select your stamp and metal below and wear it always!  (listed in order of the first photo!)

  • mountain - believe in yourself and stay focused on your goals. the greatest view often follows the hardest climb. 

  • rainbow - weathering the storm until the sun breaks through the clouds brings some of life’s most beautiful moments.

  • full sun - beaming light from within, you warm the hearts of those around you. 

  • rising sun - each day begins anew with a clean slate and calming presence, steady as the rising sun.

  • moon - dreamy and alluring; the type to fall in love with the moon and everything that is beautifully unreachable.

  • cactus - the steadfast cactus is a symbol of strength, endurance and unconditional love.

  • wave - cool, wild and free spirited, you bring excitement to everything you touch.

  • arrow - your uniqueness is your magic. follow your arrow wherever it points you. 

Each Bela Co Tag Necklace is packaged in a branded box and includes a card with the necklace’s meaning.

Handmade at the Bela Co studio in Chattanooga TN

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